TWA Woodcare Range Rationalisation

Since Preschem has taken over the distribution of the TWA Woodcare range in July last year, we were always intending to rationalise this range. If you were not already aware, there were a few duplicated products. These products are identical in formulation in every sense, just different in name only. Which products you may ask?

Let’s run through it.

TWA Woodcare Water Repellent

TWA Woodcare Water Repellent is an all purpose exterior timber finish suitable for any timber. It is a penatrative oil treatment designed to protect and enhance timber decks, pergolas, cladding, fences and furniture. It protects agaisnt the harsh Australian elements, preventing grey weathering, mould and keeps timber looking new.

Sound familiar? Because it is Aussie Clear Light. It is the identical formulation. Literally. Rather than continue with having two products listed with different labels, we’ve simply deleted the range. All you have to do from here on in is ask for Aussie Clear Light.

TWA Woodcare Woodtreat LTF

TWA Woodcare Wodtreat LTF is a general use registered timber preservative containing 2% copper as copper naphthenate. It is suitable for use on any weather exposed timber that might be prone to decay.It will stain the timber green on freshly cut timber but it turns a pleasant coppery brown with a bit of exposure to the sun and rain. It can be painted over with caution. We recommend that you attempt this only after you’ve waited at least 2-3 weeks.

Sound familiar? Because it is identical in formulation to Preschem’s Timber Preserver. Literally. If you want Woodtreat LTF, please ask for Timber Preserver.

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