Cost Savings

The entire labor and material cost of application of Preschem remedial treatments is less than 3% of new pole replacement. Field and in-service tests have indicated a life extension of 50% or greater can be achieved by protecting the critical groundline region with PolesaverRods and the Bioguard Bandage.

The example of Electricity Utilities in the State of Victoria shows savings of millions of dollars as a direct result of reduced pole replacement and failure since the introduction of planned inspection and treatment programs in 1989. Condemnation rates fell from around 3% to 1% or less and these low rates have been maintained since. In excess of 100 million wood pole treatments have been applied in this State alone since the beginning of these programs.

Other Advantages Of Preschem Remedial Treatment System

Protection From Litigation, Bush Fires, Injuries

Every Distribution Manager has strong legal and moral reasons for maintaining their wooden poles. Premature pole failure can have disastrous consequences and has resulted in loss of life and property. It is important that every power distribution company can document the inspection and maintenance procedures it follows. The Preschem remedial treatment system combined with regular inspections is an insurance policy against costly litigation and will protect the personal safety of line workers and the public.

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