Which Treatment should I use

Polesaver Rods and the Bioguard Bandage can both be successfully used to remedially treat and protect hardwood and softwood poles that are either in their natural state or pressure treated with CCA, CCB, PCP, creosote.

Preschem's Wood Pole Preservatives in Boxes

Polesaver Rods are best used on poles displaying evidence of internal decay. Often a blanket treatment approach is considered most effective where age and species are key criteria. Bioguard Bandage should be applied to any pole which has over 5 mm of external decay. Once again, blanket treatment on all soft rot susceptible poles should be considered.

Poles which have been in service for some time are more prone to decay and some cost benefits can be achieved by delaying the first remedial treatment until the pole is 10-15 years old. All key or difficult to replace poles should be fully treated with combination of Bioguard and Polesaver Rods. Both treatments are capable of protecting wood in the pole in the critical zone just below groundline for at least 4-6 years which usually aligns with routine inspection cycle.

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