Exterior Pine Clear


EXTERIOR PINE CLEAR is a clear decking oil type exterior timber finish specifically formulated for use on treated pine. It takes away the normally dry treated pine look and its penetrating qualities give the timber a rich natural oiled look, which enhances the natural grain and beauty of pine. It also has a powerful MOULDICIDE which prevents mould growth, timber blackening and discolouration. Containing water repellents to help stabilise timber, reduce checking and minimise movement, Exterior Pine Clear helps overcome many problems associated with using pine in service.

Key Points

  • Contains a powerful mouldicide to prevent mould growth
  • Offers water repellency to help stabilize timber in service
  • Suitable for all treated softwoods

Recommended Uses

EXTERIOR PINE CLEAR can be used wherever a clear protective exterior timber finish is required for treated pine e.g. cladding, decking, pergolas, trellis and fencing etc. It is suitable for all treated softwoods such as Radiata Pine and Slash Pine and Oregon.

Directions For Use

Apply EXTERIOR PINE CLEAR over dry surfaces, free from dirt, grease and wax. Previously varnished or painted surfaces must be thoroughly stripped. Badly weathered surfaces should be sanded back or cleaned using a suitable wood cleaner containing oxalic acid such as Preschem’s GREY DECK CLEANER or similar before application. Apply the oil via brush, roller, spray or dip application. Apply one generous coat of Exterior Pine Clear and allow a minimum of 24 hours drying time.


Timber treated with Exterior Pine Clear will not blacken when maintained regularly. However, over time and depending on the severity of exposure, the colour of the treated timber will fade. Repeat applications are simple as the timber can be re-oiled to bring back the timber texture. Areas which wear due to heavy foot traffic e.g. decks, doorways, steps, etc, can be touched up when necessary.


(Dressed timber) approx. 10m2/Litre

(Rough sawn timber) approx. 6m2/Litre

Clean Up

Mineral turpentine.


1,4,20 Litre cans. 200 Litre Drum

Safety Directions And First Aid

Avoid skin contact by wearing protective clothing. Don’t breathe vapour of spray mist. If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poison Information Centre (13 11 26).

Hold eyes open, flood with water for at least 15 minutes.

Remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with soapy water.

Remove to fresh air. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Give a glass of water to drink and transport to hospital.

SDS and Tech Data

Exterior Pine Clear SDS

Exterior Pine Clear Tech Data



Pauline J.
Review by Pauline J. on 09 Nov 2022 review stating Great oil
Great oil as done a great job only got one coat on up to yet but could not be happier

Bronwyn S.
Review by Bronwyn S. on 6 June 2022 review stating Fantastic
I have used the exterior pine clear on a weathered deck. Has made a great improvement including a reduction in splits and nails lifting

Clarita F.
Review by Clarita F. on 12 May 2022 review stating Great customer service!

Called to get some information about treatment for my new deck and carport and was given a wealth of useful information. Very thankful for their help 🙂

Peter V.
Review by Peter V.on 26 Jan 2021 review stating Excellent Product!

Worked very well on our treated pine steps in our back yard. Gave it just one good coat, let it dry and it looks brilliant and tough. Very impressed indeed.

Peter L.
Review by Peter L..on 26 Jan 2021 review stating 5 Stars!

Good oil very happy with your product will be back for more 5 stars thank you Peter

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Can I use Exterior Pine Clear on Treated Pine?

Yes, it is suitable for all treated softwoods such as Radiata Pine and Slash Pine.

Can I use exterior pine on children’s play equipment like cubby houses and swing sets, made from treated pine?

Yes, Treated Pine Clear is safe to use on children’s play equipment

Can I use exterior pine clear on treated pine furniture?

Yes, Exterior Pine Clear is suitable for use on treated pine furniture, and any exterior treated pine timber such as sleepers, log cabins and so on.

Will this make my timber go black?

Exterior Pine Clear has a powerful mouldicide which prevents mould growth, timber blackening and discolouration.

Can I use Exterior Pine Clear on hardwood timbers?

No, Exterior Pine Clear is NOT FORMULATED for hardwood timbers (EG. Merbau, Blackbutt or Spotted Gum etc). Note that Exterior Pine Clear is not suitable for use on untreated durable softwoods either, such as Cypress Pine or Western Red Cedar. Preschem recommends using Aussie Clear, Aussie Clear Light, Walnut Timber Finish or Radial Timber Sealer for hardwood timber and untreated softwoods.

Can I burn treated pine that has had Exterior Pine Clear applied to it?

No, the primary treatments, (EG. CCA or ACQ) in treated pine are NOT SAFE TO BURN. The smoke will contain highly toxic and carcinogenic combustion products.


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