Aussie Clear Decking Oil


AUSSIE CLEAR is an exterior decking oil and timber finish that protects hardwoods from the weather. It is the best oil-based finish to highlight the natural grain and beauty. This results in a completely natural oiled look. AUSSIE CLEAR stabilises timber as it repels moisture, reducing checking or splitting. No film is allowed to form, so peeling or cracking is never a problem. It also inhibits unsightly mould growth with its powerful mouldicide. It has been specially formulated and tinted to use on a broad range of hardwoods.

Key Points

  • Australian made for harsh Australian conditions
  • Penetrating oil repels moisture reducing cracking or splitting
  • UV stabilises greying off
  • Extends the service life of your timber
  • Quick and easy to apply and hassle-free maintenance when required
  • Sample pots available
  • Available options in the original and Aussie Clear Light version


Recommended Uses

AUSSIE CLEAR can be used wherever a transparent oil-based exterior finish is required. This includes exterior decking, fencing, pergolas, weatherboards, window frames, furniture, cladding or facia. Timber finishes/decking oil such as AUSSIE CLEAR are suitable for all popular timbers including Cedar, Merbau, Jarrah, Cypress Pine, Spotted Gum etc. It has been formulated with its own “transparent” pigment to appear clear on darker hardwood timbers. Use Preschem TREATED PINE CLEAR on Treated Pine-based products.

Which product to use for darker and lighter timber

AUSSIE CLEAR is recommended for mid to dark-toned hardwoods such as Merbau, and Spotted Gum. AUSSIE CLEAR LIGHT is for blonde to mid-toned timber such as Blackbutt, Silvertop Ash, and Cypress Pine.

AUSSIE CLEAR and AUSSIE CLEAR LIGHT are Preschem’s range of decking oil for all hardwood timber. The philosophy behind this is that most hardwood timbers available in Australia are very similar in their properties. Even if their natural appearance is different. Thus a simple range of timber finishes will fit the bill.

Most people should be aware that the AUSSIE CLEAR range is lightly pigmented with a “transparent” pigment. This will appear “clear” on all mid to dark-toned timber, but the pigment will show up on blond or light-toned hardwood.

Correctly chose which version of our decking oil product to use it’s very simple. The original AUSSIE CLEAR should be used for mid to dark-toned timbers such as Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Ironbark, Redgum, and Merbau.

Aussie Clear

Aussie Clear decking oil on Merbau, Spotted Gum, Jarrah and, Ironbark

However, Aussie Clear is also suitable for Western Red Cedar, which is a softwood. For blondE to light-toned timbers such as Blackbutt, Yellow Stringybark and Cypress Pine, Aussie Clear Light should be used.

Aussie Clear Light


So what purpose does the pigment serve? There are three very good reasons for having a “transparent” pigment:

  1. The best UV protection is currently available. “Transparent” pigments offer superior performance in preventing grey weathering of exposed timber.
  2. Colour stability. As any decking oil ages, it will fade faster in some areas than others over time. This is due to timber being a natural product. The pigment evens the appearance while this happens.
  3. Restoring the natural colour. A timber deck that has been there for some time will have bled out all its natural colours. By adding pigment to timber finishes, it restores the natural colours*.

*Be sure to read this article on Grey Deck Cleaner, Preschem’s highly effective deck wash. The article contains tips and tricks on how to properly prepare your deck for oiling.

Directions For Use

Apply AUSSIE CLEAR to dry surfaces, free from dirt grease and wax. Previously varnished or painted surfaces must be thoroughly stripped. Badly weathered surfaces should be sanded back or cleaned using a wood cleaner such as Preschem’s GREY DECK CLEANER. It can be applied by any convenient means, such as brush, roller, spray or dip application. However, floors & decks are most easily applied with a lambswool applicator. Apply one coat of AUSSIE CLEAR, working it into the timber. Any excess oil, remaining on the surface after one hour should be wiped off. If the timber still looks dry, another application may be required. Allow 24 hours for thorough drying.


Timber treated with carefully formulated wood finishes such as the AUSSIE CLEAR decking oil, will not blacken when maintained regularly. However, over time and depending on the severity of exposure, the rich colour of the timber will fade. Repeat applications are simple as the timber can be re-oiled to bring back the rich natural timber texture.


Sawn approx 8-9 m2/Litre.

Dressed approx 11-12 m2/Litre.

Clean Up

Mineral turpentine.


1, 4, 10 and 20-litre cans and 200-litre drums.

Safety Directions And First Aid

Avoid skin contact by wearing protective clothing. Don’t breathe the vapour of spray mist.

First Aid Instructions

If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poison Information Centre (13 11 26).

Hold eyes open, flood with water for at least 15 minutes – see a doctor.

Remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with soapy water.

Remove to fresh air.

If Swallowed
DO NOT induce vomiting. Give a glass of water to drink and transport to the hospital.

SDS and Tech Data

Aussie Clear SDS
Aussie Clear Tech Data



Avis M.
Review by Avis M. on 9 May 2023 review stating Great product
Used in a very neglected deck…..excellent coverage….thought I’d have to do two coats but it’s worked well with one. I have enough left for a second coat in six months time. Good value


Robert D.
Review by Robert D. on 18 Apr 2023 review stating Easy application
One coat was Easy application, One coat was enough, Nice color on the timber


Ally K.
Review by Ally K. on 16 Oct 2022 review stating Thumbs up
Works so well and lasts way longer than other oils I’ve used.


Mark O.
Review by Mark O. on 13 Sep 2022 review stating Best Decking Oil
I have used all the big brands at Bunnings with no luck and a builder had recommend Aussie Clear.By far the best decking oil I have used. Highly recommend 


Jacob T.
Review by Jacob T. on 29 March 2022 review stating Great Product
Great Product


Derek  M.
Review by Derek M. on 28 March 2022 review stating Exterior Clear Oil
Great Decking Oil for the Queensland Climate


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Aussie Clear Light Decking Oil


Does Aussie Clear or Aussie Clear Light contain any tints?

Yes, both Aussie Clear and Aussie Clear Light are tinted with “clear” tints. They serve three important functions:

  1. To assist with maintaining the colour of the timber as the oil fades, for a more even and natural look
  2. Restore the natural “as new” timber colour when the natural timber pigments bleed out
  3. Offer the best possible protection against UV weathering

Aussie Clear is tinted to be “transparent” on mid to dark-toned timbers, whilst appearing a reddish-orange on light or “blonde” timber.

Aussie Clear Light is tinted for light-coloured or “blonde” hardwood timbers to appear like “wet straw”. Aussie Clear Light can also be used on mid to dark-toned hardwood timbers too.

Is Aussie Clear or Aussie Clear Light suitable for any hardwood species?

Yes, Aussie Clear and Aussie Clear Light are suitable for all hardwood species and also for Cedar (which is a softwood).

Note that Aussie Clear and Aussie Clear Light have different coloured pigments, so on mid to dark-toned hardwoods, either version of Aussie Clear will appear transparent. However, on blonde or light-coloured hardwoods, the pigment colour will be noticeable. Aussie Clear Light is the colour that most people will prefer on blonde-coloured timber as the finish will resemble “wet straw” in most instances.

Can I use Aussie Clear Oils without prepping with Grey deck cleaner?

Yes, if the deck has dark spots or showing any signs of greying, it’s best to apply Grey Deck Cleaner prior to using either Aussie Clear or Aussie Clear Light.

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