Effect on the public and livestock

Preschem’s commitment to health safety and the environment

Access to the chemicals in Preschem remedial treatments by the public or livestock is restricted once installed. Rods are contained within the pole and Bandage is installed safely below the groundline. The chemicals emit no vapour or smell and are not normally attractive to animals. If portions of the chemical do become accessible due to tampering it is most unlikely that sufficient quantities would be ingested to have an adverse effect on the health of children or animals. The active ingredients are not stored in body fat and are readily excreted in the urine.

Cattlecare has approved the use of Preschem products as per the Registration requirements. This simply means that Cattlecare is satisfied with the products being used on farms, provided they are installed in accordance with Preschem’s approved instructions. Preschem is committed to conducting it’s business in a manner that will minimise the potential for environmental impact from it’s operations and from the use of it’s products, and ensures full compliance with relevant environmental regulations and requirements.

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