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AUSSIE COAT is a water based Semi-Transparent  timber finish. It’s designed for use on Outdoor Timbers such as Windows,  Outdoor Furniture and Doors. It has a slight pigmentation for UV but will have a semi-transparent satin coat. This will enable the natural features of the timber to be seen.

Key Points

  • Water based finish with semi-transparent satin coat.
  • Coating designed to be flexible and allow some natural timber movement.
  • Creates a medium gloss level finish.

Recommended Uses

Timber finishes like AUSSIE COAT will protect the timber from weather. It will expand and contract to allow some normal timber movement. Aussie Coat is recommended for popular timbers such as Cedar, Merbau, Cypress Pine, and Australian Hardwoods.

Surface Preparation

Previously painted surfaces must be completely stripped back to bare timber.

It is recommended to apply a timber cleaner (oxalic acid) such as Preschem Grey Deck Cleaner followed by power washing the timber surface.

Timber with tanin, iron or mould stains needs to be sanded or treated with mould killers such as Preschem D-Mould. This will ensure Aussie Coat has a clean timber surface to adhere to.

IMPORTANT: This product is a timber coating and whilst it does penetrate, it can trap foreign matters left on the timber surface. We cannot guarantee that tanin or mould may not develop under the surface of this coating at a later date. Timber is a natural product and can be unpredictable.

We recommend applying 3 coats with the first coat applied on wet/damp timber.

Directions For Use

Ensure a clean dry surface free from dirt, grease and wax.

Apply the 1st coat of Aussie Coat on wet or damp timber to enhance penetration of the mouldacide. Apply liberally and allow to dry.

Apply further 2 coats of Aussie Coat.

Allow 2 hours between coats and ensure surface is touch dry prior to re coating.

Mix well prior to application and during the application process.

Application can be made with a pad type applicator and brushes. HVLP and airless sprayers can also be used for large vertical areas.

Use of rollers is not recommended for application.

Avoid lap marks by maintaining a wet surface in the application area.

Application in temperatures above 32°C or below 8°C is not recommended. Application in direct sunlight may cause poor adhesion.

Do not apply too late in the day and be careful of applications where rain may be expected within 6 hours.

Surfaces that make contact with Aussie Coat such as doors may be sticky if not let to dry properly before re-contact.

Restoration and Maintenance

The condition of the coating should be assessed every 18 months.

Further coatings should be applied prior to the coating breaking down (cracking or peeling).

Clean area to be re-applied with powerwasher and reapply minimum of 2 coats. The surface can be very slightly moist on the first coat.

If the coating has broken down, it is recommended to strip this back to raw timber before

Approximate Coverage

Rough Sawn approx 6-8 m 2/Litre.

Dressed approx 12-14 m 2/Litre

Clean Up

Application equipment is cleaned in water.


Available in 1, 4 and 10 litre cans.

Safety Directions And First Aid

If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poison Information Centre (13 11 26).

Hold eyes open, flood with water for at least 15 minutes – see a doctor.

Remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with soapy water.

Remove to fresh air. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Give a glass of water to drink and transport to hospital.

SDS and Tech Data

Aussie Coat SDS

Aussie Coat Tech Data



Steve M.
Review by Steve M. on 07 Nov 2022 review stating Great Product
Arrived in short time, easy to apply, looks great


Iain W.
Review by Iain W.on 7 May 2021 review stating easy to use,effective
easy to use, effective


Review by Steve on 19 Nov 2022 review stating Easy to use

I use it because it’s cheap and easy to apply. It’s very thin in consistency and not particularly oily. I use it off label as an outdoor timber oil and it works to prevent mould growth on the silvered timber. I applied when it was new and then recoat every 12 months.

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If the coating has broken down in one small location, can I sand it back that area only before reapplying?

Yes, but if you look closely you will notice the imperfection.

Why is it recommended that the deck be damp with the first coat?

Because this draws the first application of Aussie Coat into the timber,  including the mouldicide. This in turn prevents mould growing under the coating.

Can I apply Aussie Coat in full sun on a hot day?

It is recommended that Aussie Coat not be applied in full sun if the weather is over 30 degrees C.

How long will Aussie Coat last if the timber is not exposed to the weather, such as under a pergola or in an al-fresco?

Aussie Coat should last a lot longer in this situation. Possibly up to 3-4 years.

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