Recycling and Disposal

Recycling and Waste Minimisation

Preschem has refined its manufacturing process to minimise the output of waste chemical and developed a completely closed loop recycling plant, which is capable of reprocessing everything from production wastes through to recycling unused product. All materials collected for recycling is “clean” and of high quality, so is then able to be used as a raw material in the manufacturing process.

Cradle to the Grave

Preschem has adopted a cradle to the grave approach to its product stewardship. This means Preschem will accept delivery of all unwanted or damaged product. These materials will then be reprocessed via our recycling plant and customers will not be charged for this service.

Disposal of Treated Poles

The disposal of poles remedially treated with either Polesaver Rods or Bioguard Bandage should be done in the following manner.

Poles treated with Bioguard bandage should have the bandage removed and any residual chemical removed from the pole surface. Poles treated with Polesaver rods should have the plastic plugs and treatment/inspection holes inspected for chemical residue. Any remaining chemical should be reamed out and the plugs firmly replaced. Any waste chemical should be treated as regulated waste.

Sections of the pole butt treated with Preschem treatment products should not be burnt as firewood.

Disposal of Packaging Material

Used Polesaver Rod boxes can be recycled as spare part boxes. Spent polyethylene Bioguard Bandages can be safely disposed of at land sites or alternatively the plastic in them is suitable for recycling.

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