Timber Mould and Algae Cleaner


D-Mould | Timber Mould and Algae CleanerD-Mould is a powerful, water-based mouldicide that is environmentally safe. It has been designed to protect and clean most exterior surfaces from unsightly mould and algae growth that is the cause of blackening, discolouration and slipperiness of these surfaces. D-Mould contains the active mouldicide and algaecide alkyl dimethyl benozylammonium chloride.

Recommended Uses

D-Mould is uniquely formulated so that when it is applied to raw timber, the treated surface weathers to a silky appearance. It is ideal to protect and clean timber, especially Western Red Cedar. Untreated surfaces such as decks can become slippery and dangerous due to mould growth. D-Mould will clean and protect these surfaces from mould growth. D-Mould is also suitable for other external surfaces e.g. paving, brickwork, tiles, painted surfaces, synthetic grass and canvas.


Test D-Mould on a small area of the surface to be treated, to ensure it has no adverse effect on paintwork, etc.

Directions For Use

Mix the 500 ml of D-Mould concentrate into 10 litres of water. Brush, roll, spray or mop a generous application onto the surface to be treated. Scrub the mould/algae affect surface using a nylon brush or stiff broom. Once applied, D-Mould kills any existing mould and natural weathering removes discolouration over a period of time. Heavily infested surfaces may require re-treatment with D-Mould 3-6 months after initial application. If treating blackened or mould affected wood, pretreatment by scrubbing discoloured surfaces with a household bleach or oxalic acid will help to clean it instantly. Rinse the bleached area with plenty of clean water and allow to dry. Apply D-Mould to prevent any further infestation of mould. Re-application of D-Mould every 1-2 years may be necessary to prevent re-occurrence of mould.


5-10 square meters per litre-depending on surface porosity.

Clean Up

Clean applicators thoroughly with water.


D-Mould is available in 500 gm jars.

Technical Data

Appearance Clear colourless liquid
Odour Faint alcohol
Specific Gravity 1.0
Boiling Point (° c) ca 100
Solubility in water (g/L) All proportions
pH (1% w/w solution) 7.0 – 7.5
Volatiles (% by vol) 10 (ethanol)
Vapour Pressure 40mm @ 19oc
Vapour Density (air = 1) 1.6 (ethanol)
Autoignition Temperature (oc) > 390 (Fire point (C.O.C.) 98°c)
Flash Point (P.M.C.C., oc) 42
Flammable Limits in Air (% by vol) 3.5 – 19


Chemical Entity CAS No. Proportion (%w/w)
Benzalkonium Chloride 61789-71-780
Ethanol 64-17-5 8
Methanol 67-58-1 0.2
Water 7732-18-5 12

Safety Instructions

Avoid skin contact by wearing protective clothing. Don’t breathe vapour or spray mist.

First Aid Instructions

If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poison Information Centre.

Hold eyes open, flood with water for at least 15 min – see a doctor.

Remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with soapy water.

Remove to fresh air.

If Swallowed
Do not induce vomiting. Rinse mouth, give milk, gelatin solution or egg white if available and transport to hospital immediately.

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