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  • Decking Stain | Decking Paint

    Preschem Timber Stain

    Our decking stain range is simply called Preschem Timber Stain. It's a wood stain suitable for all timbers and in a range of natural colours.

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  • Best Decking Oil | Wood Finishes

    Decking Oil

    Who has the best decking oil? Preschem believes we do with our wood finishes, such as the Aussie Clear range and Exterior Pine Clear. These finishes can be also used on any exterior timber.

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About Preschem

Preschem was founded by Chris McEvoy and Chen-Woo Chin, both experienced scientists who formerly worked for Australia’s pre-eminent scientific research organisation, the CSIRO. Together, they have more than 30 years of scientific, technical and industrial experience in wood preservation and research, publishing numerous technical papers in Australia and overseas.

Since 1988, Preschem has grown to become Australia’s leading manufacturer of timber preservatives and exterior finishes. Our preservative products help extend timber life by preventing decay and wood rot and our exterior finishes are formulated to protect and enhance the natural beauty of timber. All of Preschem’s products are designed for maximum performance in Australia’s extreme climatic conditions.

Preschem takes a considered approach in the development, manufacture and end use of its products. Formulations must be environmentally responsible and safe to use. This is irrespective of whether they’re for industry or a home handyman. In order to achieve this, ingredients are carefully chosen to be effective and safe. In addition, they also must have minimal environmental impact. Preschem’s production processes are designed around the same philosophy. Our manufacturing systems incorporate closed loop recycling of waste materials.

Since 2000, Preschem has focused on export markets in the southern hemisphere – especially pole preservatives where energy utilities use Eucalyptus species for power poles. Preschem’s timber preservatives have a proven track record on three continents: Australia, Southern Africa and South America.

Timber Protection

Our clear timber finishes formulated to highlight the natural beauty of timber as well as remedial treatments for wooden poles and structures.

Wood Pole Preservatives

Find out more about Preschem's preservative treatments Polesaver rods and Bioguard bandages which protect wooden poles and timber structures from decay, rot and termites.

MSDS and Tech Data

Download our MSDS and technical data for futher understanding about Preschem's Product

TWA Woodcare Range

The entire TWA Woodcare range is now available exclusively through Preschem.


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Environmental Friendly

Our product is compliant with relevant environmental regulations and requirements

Cost Effective

The application of Preschem remedial treatments costs less than 3% of new pole replacement.

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