Borer Treatment How To Video

Back in August 2023, we penned news article on Borer Treatment. In the article, we outlined the life cycle of tyctid borer in he sapwood of a hardwood. At the end of the article we discussed which of Preschem’s products could be used to treat them.

This has generated an awful amount of interest with people calling the office and asking how to apply the products. So we made a video. When you watch the video, you’ll see how simple it is to apply both recommended products, with a minimal amount of equipment required;

We’ll continue the discussion below, but lets cut to the chase and watch the video, which runs for just under 5 minutes.

In summary, Preschem recomends to prevent borer using No-Rot Gel, while to treat active borer, Clear Wood Preservative. The reasons are subtle, but;

  • No-Rot Gel contains boron as the active ingredient that effects borer. If the adult beetle tries to attack, it eats through the boron treated timber and dies before it can lay it’s eggs. Therefore it’s best used as a preventative treatment.
  • Clear Wood Preservative contains permethrin, which is a contact poison to borer eggs and larvae within the wood. When you apply, if you can get it into the galleries, then you kill the eggs and larvae. At the end of the video, we added some stills of the parasitic wasps that fed on the borer larvae. They wern’t happy with the permethrin so exited the timber. This is why we beleive that Clear Wood Preservative is best for treating an active infestation