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Borer Treatment How To Video

Back in August 2023, we penned news article on Borer Treatment. In the article, we outlined the life cycle of tyctid borer in he sapwood of a hardwood. At the end of the article we discussed which of Preschem’s products could be used to treat them.

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Careys Paint Place

Watch Carey of Careys Paint Place in Mansfield discusses the Preschem range of products. Careys Paint Place was Preschem’s top store in 2023

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Preschem is now on Facebook

Did you know that in October last year, Preschem started a page on Facebook. We would love for you to like us and follow. Preshcem is going to be adding a lot of great content in the coming months.

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Preschem’s No-Rot Rods and Boron Treatment: A Decade of Timber Preservation Triumphs


In the realm of timber preservation, Preschem’s unwavering commitment to innovation has yielded remarkable results, particularly highlighted in the 2009 FWPA paper, “Eight-year Final Inspection of Model Windows Exposed in the Accelerated Field Simulator.” by Laurie Cookson et al at the CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering division.

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Borer Treatment

Borer damage to timber is typically less significant when compared to termites. But if left untreated, they will eventually create similar damage. This article will hopefully help you understand how borer damage occurs and what Preschem products can be used successfully for borer treamtment.

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IRG54: Uniting the Best Minds in Timber Preservation

The recent International Research Group – Wood Preservatives Cairns conference, known as IRG54, witnessed the convergence of the world’s brightest minds in the field of timber preservation.

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Rising damp and White Rot: A case study

white rot rising damp Rising damp is a common problem that affects many homes and buildings. It occurs when moisture from the ground travels up through porous building materials, such as bricks, mortar, and timber. Moisture in timber frames that have been affected by flood water, can also be trapped behind plaster sheet, tiles and architraves. This remains sight unseen. When this moisture reaches the timber frame of a building, it can cause a number of problems, including the growth of white rot.

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Introducing Preschem’s Walnut Timber Finish

Introducing Preschem’s Walnut Timber Finish: The Ultimate Solution for Exterior Hardwoods

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Aussie Clear Light and a ‘59 Chevy

A Classic Decking Oil for a Classic Pickup Truck

Occasionaly we get asked if one of Preschem’s products can be used for an atypical application.

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TWA Woodcare Range Rationalisation

Since Preschem has taken over the distribution of the TWA Woodcare range in July last year, we were always intending to rationalise this range. If you were not already aware, there were a few duplicated products. These products are identical in formulation in every sense, just different in name only. Which products you may ask?

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