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Preschem’s No-Rot Rods and Boron Treatment: A Decade of Timber Preservation Triumphs


In the realm of timber preservation, Preschem’s unwavering commitment to innovation has yielded remarkable results, particularly highlighted in the 2009 FWPA paper, “Eight-year Final Inspection of Model Windows Exposed in the Accelerated Field Simulator.” by Laurie Cookson et al at the CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering division.

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Borer Treatment

Borer damage to timber is typically less significant when compared to termites. But if left untreated, they will eventually create similar damage. This article will hopefully help you understand how borer damage occurs and what Preschem products can be used successfully for borer treamtment.

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IRG54: Uniting the Best Minds in Timber Preservation

The recent International Research Group – Wood Preservatives Cairns conference, known as IRG54, witnessed the convergence of the world’s brightest minds in the field of timber preservation.

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Rising damp and White Rot: A case study

white rot rising damp Rising damp is a common problem that affects many homes and buildings. It occurs when moisture from the ground travels up through porous building materials, such as bricks, mortar, and timber. Moisture in timber frames that have been affected by flood water, can also be trapped behind plaster sheet, tiles and architraves. This remains sight unseen. When this moisture reaches the timber frame of a building, it can cause a number of problems, including the growth of white rot.

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Introducing Preschem’s Walnut Timber Finish

Introducing Preschem’s Walnut Timber Finish: The Ultimate Solution for Exterior Hardwoods

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Aussie Clear Light and a ‘59 Chevy

A Classic Decking Oil for a Classic Pickup Truck

Occasionaly we get asked if one of Preschem’s products can be used for an atypical application.

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TWA Woodcare Range Rationalisation

Since Preschem has taken over the distribution of the TWA Woodcare range in July last year, we were always intending to rationalise this range. If you were not already aware, there were a few duplicated products. These products are identical in formulation in every sense, just different in name only. Which products you may ask?

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UPDATE 31st March: The Victorian Government has put the state under Stage 3 lockdown effective immediately from this date. Preschem still continues to operate under these restrictions and is fully compliant with the requirements imposed by our state Premier. Please note that Preschem is protecting the health of our staff and is therefore not accepting walk in sales from the general public. This is to ensure we can supply our utility customers throughout this crisis, so they can keep the lights on.

We are still here to assist you and can be contacted to place orders or for technical support on 03 9532 0679.


UPDATE 27th March: We are still open for business, but we are no longer accepting walk in counter sales from the general public. Unfortunately, we have had to stop this, as we’ve had customers ignoring our signage to not enter if showing any flu like symptoms (yes, heavy coughing is a flu like symptom). Should you wish to obtain product directly from us, please ring through your order and pay via credit card. We will then courier it to you (additional charge). This will ensure we are able to operate through this crisis.


23rd March: Dear customer, as you are aware the State and Federal Government response to the COVID-19 crisis has been to shut down all non-essential services within Victoria. Preschem supplies the electrical distribution and transmission industry with power pole preservatives to ensure the continued supply of electricity. This is a critical essential service. Preschem is open for business and continues to manufacture our products to support our utility customers. We will continue to do so for as long as it’s deemed safe.

We are monitoring the unfolding situation closely and should the circumstances change, will update you on the website as soon as possible.

We have taken steps to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19 with our staff including such measures as daily temperature checks, personal separation and improved hygiene practices. Where practical, we are allowing our staff to work from home.

We would appreciate that if you need to visit our office, that you do so only if it’s urgent and that you display no signs of flu-like symptoms. We may request that you allow us to take a temperature reading with an IR thermometer and will ask anyone with an unusually high temperature to leave the building.

But we are also able to despatch orders door to door and encourage you to use this as a priority.

We wish all of our community to remain healthy and safe through these difficult times.

Videos by Drive Marine Services

Preschem has an old and very knowledgable retail customer who supplies Preschem products for timber boat maintenance. Dave and Scott at Drive Marine Services certainly know their way around timber boats, and have developed a number of specialised marine grade epoxy and acrylic products that perform brilliantly in this tough environment. Dave is also the star of a number of short but informative YouTube videos on the products he sells, including some showcasing Preschem Products.

And the interesting thing about these products for the marine market is that they’re mostly compatible with many of the Preschem timber preserviatives. Head over to the Drive Marine Services website for more details, or give them a call on 02 9533 5470.

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Decking Maintenance Season

Now that winter is behind us and we’re well into spring, its time to think about decking maintenance. The bueaty of Preschem’s Aussie Clear range and Exterior Pine Clear is that they’re dead simple to re-apply. And the results are simply stunning. But first we do need to run through some simple preparation to achieve the perfect finish.

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