TWA Woodtreat LTF

for Landscaping Timbers and Fences
APVMA registration No 60814


WOODTREAT LTF is an inexpensive general purpose solvent based preservative for exterior timber applications such as posts, poles, retaining walls, fences, underfloor framing, engineering and rural structures.


Good broad range toxicity to wood destroying fungi and most insects.

Clean Up Procedures

Brushes and other application equipment wash up in mineral turps immediately after use.


  • Green liquid
  • Odour: kerosene like odour
  • Flash Point: >64°C
  • Density 0.95 at 20°C
  • Viscosity: > 40 cp at 20°C



WOODTREAT LTF is intended for exterior aboveground application. For use in areas such as under-floor framing and bearers, good ventilation should be provided to prevent excessive odour accumulation. In exposed conditions at least two coats should be applied for best protection. Best results are obtained on rough sawn or natural round timbers. Use on dressed timbers is not recommended due to poor absorption and streaky surface finish that typically results. Normal brush-on application with WOODTREAT alone is not sufficient protection for timber in ground contact.
Better alternatives for ground contact protection are TWA IN-GROUND PASTE and/or ideally use of pressure treated timber (CCA , Tanalith-E or ACQ ). The treatment with WOODTREAT should be done every 3-5 years for exposed timber (unless heavy weathering indicates more frequent application is required) and every 5-10 years tor unexposed timber.

Paints and Pigments

Painting over WOODTREAT with any other paints or stains is generally not recommended. This is because WOODTREAT can interfere with the drying and binding process of paint. In addition the dark colour of WOODTREAT will tend to bleed into the other paint. If over painting is necessary first apply a flake aluminium or zinc primer (Zinsser or similar) then apply an oil based primer or undercoat followed by shellac, further undercoat and then the desired surface finish.


As WOODTREAT is green in colour, care should be taken to avoid unwanted contact with other objects or surfaces. In particular WOODTREAT may permanently stain clothing painted surfaces or plastics. WOODTREAT will tend to creep along the timber grain and through interfaces by capillary action. This may result in an unwanted discolouration, eg. through floor boards or onto other surfaces. Plants and Animals Most plant foliage will not tolerate contact with WOODTREAT. Care should be taken when using WOODTREAT to avoid contact or close proximity to desirable plants. Animals are repelled by the taste and odour of WOODTREAT. This discourages horses and cattle from chewing fence rails and is unlikely to result in any harm to the animal. Contact with sheep may cause problems as WOODTREAT will stain wool and other animal hair/fur. Tests have shown that these stains are very resistant to scouring.


Product Preparation

The product should be or stirred for a short time until uniform consistency. Surface preparation Generally very little surface preparation of the actual timber is required. Clean away any dirt or vegetation adhering the surface. Best results are obtained on rough sawn or natural round timbers.


WOODTREAT-LTF may be applied by brush, rollers or a spray gun. The product should be applied generously, with particular attention to endgrain joints and interfaces. Initially, after application the product will be a light green colour. In fine warm weather this will darken. The WOODTREAT will continue to be absorbed by the timber for 2-3 days. In cool weather this process may be considerably slower. Do not apply if rain is expected within 12 hours. The surface will be fully dry after about one week’s exposure: Contact with the timber should be avoided during this time. The surface will be nongreasy or oily but will remain slightly soiling on skin or clothes. One litre will cover 6 – 8 square metres depending on the surface conditions of the timber. Clean up equipment with mineral turps immediately
after use.


Health and Safety

Wood preservatives are toxic and should be handled in accordance with the SDS. (Safety data Sheet). Care should be taken to avoid contact with the skin, breathing of any vapour contact with food stuffs and oral ingestion. Personal hygiene should be observed at all times Use of naked lights smoking etc. must be prohibited.


WOODTREAT LTF is safe to use and will perform its intended function without hazard providing the correct precautions are taken. A Material Safety Data Sheet is available on request if further information is required.

Handling the Product

Wear gloves, overalls & safety glasses while using the product. Wash hands and face with soap and warm water after use. If eye contact occurs flood eyes with copious water for 15 minutes and consult a doctor.


Not classified as a Dangerous Goods


Store the product in a secure place out of reach of children and away from strong heat sources. Store in the original container with the lid firmly closed.


Dispose of excess product or washing’s from equipment by burying. Avoid disposing of product down drains or sewers as the product will create an oil pollution hazard. Rinse out used containers with water and dispose of properly.


  • 2 litre can
  • 4 litre can
  • 20 litre drum
  • 200 litre drum


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