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Preschem may update its product SDS without notice. Please press Ctrl + F5 prior to downloading the current version. This is important, especially if you have visited this page to download in the past. If you don’t, you may be downloading the version in your browser cache. This will ensure that you are downloading the current version. Customers are advised to  Contact Us should you have difficulty in downloading the current SDS version.

Wood Pole Preservatives
Bioguard Bioguard SDS Bioguard Tech Data
Polesaver PS 14 Polesaver PS 14 SDS Polesaver PS 14 Tech Data
Polesaver PS 10 Polesaver PS 10 SDS Polesaver PS 10 Tech Data
Ausmose AusPlast Ausmose AusPlast SDS Ausmose AusPlast Tech Data
Timber Protection Products
Aussie Clear
Aussie Clear Light
Walnut Timber Finish
Aussie Clear SDS Aussie Clear Tech Data
Aussie Coat Aussie Coat SDS Aussie Coat Tech Data
Exterior Pine Clear Exterior Pine Clear SDS Exterior Pine Clear Tech Data
No-Rot No-Rot SDS Not-Rot Tech Data
Timber Preserver Timber Preserver SDS Timber Preserver Tech Data
Grey Deck Cleaner Grey Deck Cleaner SDS Grey Deck Cleaner Tech Data
No-Rot Gel No Rot Gel SDS No-Rot Gel Tech Data
No-Rot Gel Industrial No Rot Gel Industrial SDS No-Rot Gel Industrial Tech Data
Radial Timber Sealer Radial Timber Sealer SDS Radial Timber Sealer Tech Data
PP Plastic Plugs N/A PP Plastic Plugs Tech Data
Protector Grease Protector Grease SDS N/A
PEG 4000 PEG 4000 SDS N/A
TWA Products
TWA Woodbrite TWA Woodbrite SDS N/A
TWA Clear Wood Preservative TWA Clear Wood Preservative SDS N/A
TWA In Ground Paste TWA In Ground Paste SDS N/A
TWA No Rot Gel TWA No Rot Gel SDS N/A
TWA Heavy Oil Preservative TWA Heavy Oil Preservative SDS N/A
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