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ANNOUNCEMENT : TWA Woodcare range now available through Preschem. Call 1800-641-711 Now!


Decking Maintenance Season

Now that winter is behind us and we’re well into spring, its time to think about decking maintenance. The bueaty of Preschem’s Aussie Clear range and Exterior Pine Clear is that they’re dead simple to re-apply. And the results are simply stunning. But first we do need to run through some simple preparation to achieve the perfect finish.

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Beehive Timber Treatment

Beekeeping in Australia faces many challenges. Bees are particularly susceptible to insecticides and other chemicals used commonly in agriculture. So finding the right beehive timber treatment that is safe for your bees and honey is critical.

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TWA Woodcare Range Announcement

Breaking News: TWA Woodcare Range is now available through Preschem

For retail stores and the general public, please contact us now toll-free on 1800-641-711 for further information.

The RLA Group has recently anounced that the will stop the distribution of the TWA Woodcare range of timber finishes and preservatives. However, this entire range is now to be manufactured and distributed exclusively through Preschem to retail hardware and paint stores and customers Australia wide.  This now makes Preschem Australia’s premiere timber preservative specialists. No one else has such a comprehensive range of timber preservatives. With Preschem, you are guaranteed to have all bases covered.

In addition, Preschem are the timber preservation specialists. We are backed by nearly 30 years of cutting edge remedial timber preservative products. These have been developed through extensive research on 4 continents. Preschem back our products with expert knowledge, on call, free of charge.

Our long term plans are to rebrand the TWA Woodcare products under the Preschem label and to rationalise the range where there is an existing Preschem equivalent. However as of this date forward, the entire TWA Woodcare range is available for sale. This includes:

How tall is a Power Pole?

Preschem has been receiving a few questions via email asking, “How tall is a Power Pole?” It’s an interesting question. The answer is based on many variables, so has no one specific answer. Lets explain and get to the bottom of this.

Firstly, we are only going to talk about timber poles. This discussion is not about concrete or steel/concrete “Stobie” poles used in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

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Deck Preparation for Staining and Oiling

Sooner than you think, the warm weather of spring and summer will return. Everyone will be looking forward to entertaining on, or simply enjoying their timber deck. So that means it’s time to start planning the deck preparation as part of its maintenance. After all we all want our decks liking like it did when it was first installed all those years ago.

But before you start oiling you have to prepare the deck to get a great result. This means removing the dirt, grime and the UV weathering that has built up. The best means to do that is to use Preschem’s Grey Deck Cleaner. This is a mild oxalic acid based cleaner that restores your deck to the “as new” colour. This doesn’t take long and you’ll need an hour or so. And I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I did my deck at home last year, it had been 2 years since I last done it. So I’m going to take you through this process step by step, with photos along the way.

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Timber Properties and Decay. Part II


Brown Rot

White rot with mycelium

The following article was published by the Professional Pest Manager magazine in their August-September 2014 edition. It was the followup article/conclusion to the June-July 2014 edition.


The prevention of wood rot falls into 2 categories, moisture barriers and timber preservatives. Moisture barriers can be any membrane like material that physically limits or stops moisture ingress. The most common forms of barriers are surface coatings such as paints, varnishes or specialised synthetic membranes. While these are usually brilliant in preventing moisture uptake, they do have a potential downside. If they begin to fail, the moisture can become trapped behind the barrier.

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New look website

Preschem is proud to announce the launch of its new look website. This has been some time in development, as we wanted to maximise your browsing experience, allowing you to find the right information FAST!

Both the look and feel will be completely new, but the advantages are that this new design allows us to update regularly with news and “How To” articles on timber decay, timber preservatives, selection of timber and timber finishes.

No-Rot Instructional Video is now on Youtube

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Preschem has just completed its first instructional video for its of DIY, home handyman timber preservatives and exterior timber finishes.

Don’t forget to visit No-Rot pages to get better understanding about No-Rot Product.

Radial Timber Sealer Redux!

Radial Timber Sealer

Preschem is proud to announce the relaunch of Radial Timber Sealer in a brand new and improved formulation. This new product will seal any hardwood from moisture while still allowing the timber to grey weather naturally. Go to the new Radial Timber Sealer page to learn more or check out our MSDS & Tech Data page.

Did You Know?

Outlast Timber, Preschem and Radial Timber Sales all come under the same business group

Did you know that Preschem is part of a larger business group that specialises entirely on Timber?

Radial Timber Sales

The other businesses include Radial Timber Australia, which is the timber mill in Gipsland that manufactures cladding, decking, screen boards and posts. All Radial Timber is sourced from sustainable plantation and managed forests of durable Victorian hardwoods. The three most commonly milled species are Silvertop Ash, Yellow Stringybark and Southern Mahogany. Radial Timber Sales in Dandenong South is the retail arm of the mill. Radial Timber has been featured in some of Australia’s biggest and most prominent architectural projects in recent years, so check out their projects and photo gallery page for inspiration.

Outlast Timber

The last business in the group is Outlast Timber based in Mordialloc. Outlast is a timber retailer that specialises only in durable Australian sourced timbers such as Ironbark, Redgum, Spotted Gum, Cypress Pine and the Radial Timber range. Outlast timber is the perfect place to shop for those small DIY projects through to large commercial landscape or building contracts such as decking, pergolas, al fresco areas and general landscaping where durable, long lasting hardwood timber is a must!

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