TWA Woodcare

TWA WoodCare Range

The entire TWA Woodcare range is now available exlusively through Preschem. This product range in conjunction with Preschem’s range has all your timber preservation needs completely covered, making Preschem Australias leading expert on timber preservation.


TWA Wood Clear Preservative | TWA Woodcare

TWA Wood Clear Preservative

TWA CLEAR WOOD PRESERVATIVE (CWP) is intended for protection from degrading by wood-destroying fungi and insects in above-ground situations.

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TWA Heavy Oil Preservative | TWA Woodcare

TWA Heavy Oil Preservative

TWA HEAVY OIL PRESERVATIVE is a general-purpose oil-based timber preservative for exterior out of ground contact applications.

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TWA In-Ground Paste | TWA Woodcare

TWA In-Ground Paste

TWA IN-GROUND PASTE is intended for heavy-duty protection of timber and timber structures against fungal decay and borers.

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TWA No Rot Gel Injection Grade | TWA Woodcare

TWA No Rot Gel Injection Grade

TWA NO-ROT GEL Injection Grade is primarily intended for remedial treatment of timber structures where damp conditions can promote fungal decay.

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TWA Woodbrite | TWA Woodcare

TWA Woodbrite

TWA WOODBRITE is a powerful cleaning agent intended for the preparation of weathered or dirty timber prior to painting staining or other treatment.

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TWA Woodtreat LTF | TWA Woodcare

TWA Woodtreat LTF

WOODTREAT LTF is an inexpensive general-purpose solvent-based preservative for exterior timber applications.

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