Timber preparation for decking oil or timber finishes

Timber preparation prior to oiling your deck

Deck Cleaner | Deck WashWhen you get around to reapplying your Aussie Clear decking oil after 9-12 months, there are a few simple things you should do before hand to ensure fantastic results. Penetrative timber finishes applied over a poorly prepared deck or any other exterior timber, will result in very poor results. Correct timber preparation prior to oiling your deck will ensure fantastic results.

New Timber

If your exterior timber is new, Preschem recommends that you allow it to weather for between 6-8 weeks prior to applying a decking oil such as AUSSIE CLEAR or EXTERIOR PINE CLEAR. The reason for this is that all timber has natural resins, waxes etc that will limit how much oil will be absorbed. Allowing it to weather will mean that your first application will last longer. I’ve discussed this including the one exception where you wouldn’t do this, in more detail here.

In terms of preparation of new timber, simply ensure that it is a clean. Normally this will mean a quick scrub with fresh water or a pressure clean the day before you plan on oiling the deck. If there is any water marks, sap or other discolouration, use Preschem’s GREY DECK CLEANER to remove them. However, this is not usually required if the timber is new.

Existing Timber

For regular maintenance application of timber finishes such as AUSSIE CLEAR, GREY DECK CLEANER can be used as a deck wash to restore grey weathered timber as part of the preparation process

Tips and Tricks

How to tell if your wooden deck or exterior cladding etc is weathered?

This is simple. Wet the deck with water. If the natural colour of the timber returns, it’s not weathered. This is perfect as you can apply your decking oil without worrying about it blackening the timber. If however, the timber has gone dark grey or black when wet, much like a power pole does, then it has weathered. GREY DECK CLEANER will need to be applied in this case for best results, as it removes the UV weathering.

What if I have sapstain or bluestain moulds or other staining?

GREY DECK CLEANER should be used to remove these issues. It’s effectiveness will be dependant on what’s stained the timber. For instance, red wine might require a light sand prior to using the cleaner as it’s stain is persistant.
Can GREY DECK CLEANER be used to clean masonry or concrete of oil stains?

Yes, GREY DECK CLEANER is oxalic acid based. It is quite effective for removing oil stains in masonry or concrete. Follow the same directions for this purpose