Aussie Clear – Decking oil for all hardwood timber

Decking Oil for all hardwood timber

AUSSIE CLEAR and AUSSIE CLEAR LIGHT are Preschem’s range of decking oil for all hardwood timber. The philosophy behind this is that most hardwood timbers available in Australia are very similar in their properties. Even if their natural appearance are different. Thus a simple range of timber finishes will fit the bill.

Most people should be aware that the AUSSIE CLEAR range is lightly pigmented with a “transparent” pigment. This will appear “clear” on all mid to dark toned timber, but the pigment will show up on blond or light toned hardwood.

To correctly chose which version of our decking oil product to use it’s very simple. The original AUSSIE CLEAR should be used for mid to dark toned timbers such as Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Ironbark, Redgum, Merbau.

Aussie Clear

Aussie Clear decking oil on Merbau, Spotted Gum, Jarrah and, Ironbark

However, Aussie Clear is also suitable for Western Red Cedar, which is a softwood. For blond to light toned timbers such as Blackbutt, Yellow Stringybark and Cypress Pine, Aussie Clear Light should be used.

Aussie Clear Light


So what purpose does the pigment server? There are three very good reasons for having a “transparent” pigment:

  1. The best UV protection currently available. “Transparent” pigments offer superior performance in preventing grey weathering of exposed timber.
  2. Colour stability. As any decking oil ages, it will fade faster in some areas than others over time. This is due to timber being a natural product. The pigment evens the appearance out while this happens.
  3. Restoring the natural colour. A timber deck that has been there for some time will have bled out all its natural colours. By adding pigment to timber finishes, it restores the natural colours*.

*Be sure to read this article on Grey Deck Cleaner, Preschem’s highly effective deck wash. The article contains tips and tricks on how to properly prepare your deck for oiling.