Videos by Drive Marine Services

Preschem has an old and very knowledgable retail customer who supplies Preschem products for timber boat maintenance. Dave and Scott at Drive Marine Services certainly know their way around timber boats, and have developed a number of specialised marine grade epoxy and acrylic products that perform brilliantly in this tough environment. Dave is also the star of a number of short but informative YouTube videos on the products he sells, including some showcasing Preschem Products.

And the interesting thing about these products for the marine market is that they’re mostly compatible with many of the Preschem timber preserviatives. Head over to the Drive Marine Services website for more details, or give them a call on 02 9533 5470.

Today we’ve decided to showcase some of the videos they’ve made about Preschem Products, but be sure to check out their other videos on their Youtube chanel for inspiration. For instance, their “River Pour” epoxy videos for timber table tops may give you some great ideas on how to turn a rough irregular slab of old timber into a serious piece of functional art.

Now to the videos.

The first video is how to restore an old wine barrel. I’ve done this myself and Dave is spot on with the demonstration.



Continuing on with the timber preparation theme, here is another restoring a deck that has had some serious weathering. This shows how powerful and effective this timber cleaner is.



The last video is on the use of Aussie Clear as a product on floor boards of a timber dingey. Yes, you can use Aussie Clear on timber boats!



OK, I couldn’t resist and have added one of the “River Pour” videos up. I think you’ll see why they are inspirational. This one shows you some finished works of art by Drive Marine Services customers at the very end. I think you’ll agree that you can generate somemething special. The good news is that you can also try the epoxy’s on small project first as Drive Mareine Services supply them in various sizes. This way you can perfect your technique before commiting to a big “River Pour” project, and have a lot of fun and indeed satisfaction in the process.