3. I have borer. What can I do to treat it?

Preschem has discussed borer treatments and their life cycle in this news post on the website. Unfortunately, once you have noticed the pin holes and dust/fras, the adult beetle has emerged from the wood and done its damage. But here are the things you can do to try and prevent further damage.

  1. Photograph the holes to assist you in identifying new borer activity
  2. Treat the timber with either Clear Wood Preservative or No-Rot Gel
  3. Monitor the timber for signs of new holes for 2-3 months afterwoods and retreat if necessary

To figure out which product is suitable for your situation, then:

  • If the timber is sealed with a varnish or paint or is external and exposed to the weather, use Clear Wood Preservative. Note: Clear Wood Preservative can be flooded into the pin holes with a small needless syringe, It can even blown in with a hear dryer (use the fan only, no heat)
  • If the timber is raw and internal, use No-Rot Gel
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