5. I have a badly weathered hardwood deck. How to I prepare it for oiling?

Weathered timber has turned grey due to the sun. Preshcem has done a news article that discusses why timber changes colour. But belive it or not, badly weather timber can look like new with a little bit of elbow grease with proper preperation, followed by a coat of Aussie Clear or Aussie Clear Light.

Preschem recommends that for heavy weathering, a light sand is the best option. There are some seriously good gadgets out there now such as the Terrassen Blitz, which makes light work of this and removes most of the weathering without having to recess screws or nails. The Blitz is availbable for rent from Woodcrete Pty Ltd in Mulgrave Victoria. If you don’t have access to this, then you could use a regular old sander.

Once you’ve sanded the deck, to make sure all the weathering has been dealt with, use Preschem’s Grey Deck Cleaner as the final stage. This will ensure that you get an excellent result once you’ve applied one of the Aussie Clear products.

Category: Exterior Timber Finishes