1. Does Aussie Clear or Aussie Clear Light contain any tints?

Yes, both Aussie Clear and Aussie Clear Light are tinted with “clear” tints. They serve three important functions:

  1. To assist with maintaining the colour of the timber as the oil fades, for a more even and natural look
  2. Restore the natural “as new” timber colour when the natural timber pigments bleed out
  3. Offer the best possible protection against UV weathering

Aussie Clear is tinted to be “transparent” on mid to dark toned timbers, whilst appearing a reddish-orange on light or “blond” timber.

Aussie Clear Light is tinted for light coloured or “blond” hardwood timbers to appear like “wet straw”. Aussie Clear Light can also be used on mid to dark toned hardwood timbers too.

Category: Exterior Timber Finishes