4. Can I paint over Preschem’s Timber Preserver or No-Rot Gel?

No-Rot Gel

Yes. For best results allow the preservative to dry for as minimum of 24 hours. Use can then use a “builders bog” type filler and quality oil based primer then your choice of quality exterior oil or acrylic top coat.

Timber Preserver:

Yes, but with caution. Timber Preserver’s active ingredeint, Copper Naphthenate, is also used as a paint drier in oil based paints. As such it can be prone to colour bleed. To paint over Timber preserver we recommend the following:

  • Allow at least 2 weeks to dry. Preferably more if practicable.
  • Use a quality stain block type acrylic primer such as those made by Zinsser or Dulux
  • If colour bleed through occurs with the primer, do not continue painting. Strip back the primer to bare timber and allow a further 2-3 weeks to dry.
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