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Timber Pole Preservative FAQ

Yes, you can use both Polesaver and Bioguard to preserve your timber poles where they’re in contact with the ground contact. You don’t need a special license to apply these products. And the application technique is exactly the same as on the Technical Data Sheets located on our download page.

Remember that for Polesaver, if your poles are under 300mm diameter then you’ll need to use the PS10 (10mm dia) rod with a 12-13mm treatment hole. Or the PS14 (14mm dia) Polesaver rods for poles over 300mm diameter.

The fungi that cause timber decay need three things to live and grow:

  1. Food source, being the wood itself
  2. Oxygen
  3. Moisture (wood has to have a moisture content of =>20%)

What you are finding is that the poles that are weather exposed are geting wet and retaining moisture, especially in ground contact. But the internal poles are not getting wet. As they’re not getting wet, they wont rot. This is where Polesaver Rods and Bioguard Bandage can help you by significantly extending the life of your poles as part of a routine maintenance strategy.

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