APVMA Approved

All timber treatments that protect timber from decay, termites and borers must be approved for use  by the Australian Government  Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). This ensures the  directions of use, Chemical ingredients and claims of effectiveness have all been accessed by an independent body and approved for use ,safety and the claims made on the label and promotional material


All products that are designed to kill another living thing are classified as pesticides under the AgVet legislation. So why is the registration of pesticides so important?

A quick check on the APVMA’s Pubcris database will show if the product has been registered.

APVMA Timber Preservatives APPROVAL

In Australia and indeed most countries, these products fall under the agricultural banner. As timber preservatives are designed to kill living organisms, the Federal Government has passed legislation that requires all such products to be registered. This is to ensure that:

  • its works as stated in the real world
  • its end user safety is evaluated:
    – does it need to be a restricted use product?
    – is it safe for general use?
  • its environmental impact is minimal
  • are there any special restrictions required

Our timber preservatives range are registered  APVMA’s which means they are safe for the end users and the environment.


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