Major Hardware Chains

The following hardware chains stock Preschem's product range. Note that they are linked to the store finder on their website. Click on the name where appropriate:

Purchase Online

Having trouble finding a stockist near you?

For online purchase of the entire Preschem product range, Please visit Timber Care.

Store Locator

The store locator below shows information relating to our top primary stockists.


  1. Select the region
  2. Choose to show All Locations or Filtered Locations from the gray bar
  3. Selecting the Filter Type will help you to narrow down the location.
    1. Enter the store name for Store Name Filter
    2. Enter your postcode for Postcode Filter
  4. Click the Search button
  5. Select the result from Show Result text
  6. Click one of the results to see where it is located
  7. Pressing Reset will bring you back to Region selection